We are a wealth management company founded in 2009 and located in Lancaster, PA. We manage individual, joint, business, and retirement (IRA, Roth, Rollover, SIMPLE IRA, SEP) accounts. In 2011 we launched an alternative to mutual funds and hedge funds called a Spoke Fund® which we think is a better model for investors. Spoke Funds® are similar to separately managed accounts but with a few key differences. For more information on Spoke Funds®, click here or visit the industry site at SpokeFunds.com.

We are a value investing firm. We do our own research (we do not rely on biased third party reports) and buy for the long term. As value investors we do not concern ourselves with short-term trading, economic forecasts (which are usually wrong), Wall Street analysts’ consensus, or the media.

Mr. Strubel received his MBA in Investment Management from Drexel University. While at Drexel he managed the $250,000 Drexel DragonFund Large Cap Fund. Click here to read more. For more information on our Capital Appreciation Folio or our Dividend Folio including important disclaimers on how the performance results shown above were calculated please click the links.