Investment Strategy

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investing philosophy is based on three important tenets: lower expenses, proper asset allocation, and a value investing focus. We believe in lower expenses. This is the one factor that can be controlled with 100% certainty, and is key to creating long-term wealth. Proper asset allocation also plays a large role in determining investor returns. Finally, we focus on value investing, a strategy that has been used by a great number of the world’s best investors.

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Value Investing Focus

The merits of value investing have been proven time and time again by the world’s greatest investors. While nothing can be guaranteed, buying good companies at cheap prices is a sensible way to invest your money. That strategy has been shown to produce great returns in the past, and we believe it will continue to produce outstanding returns in the future.

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Portfolio Construction

To many investors the most important thing is protecting their assets from losses whether temporary or permanent. To this end we diversify client funds across assets that have been shown to have little to no correlation with one another. We use a model developed by David F. Swensen, the manager of Yale’s endowment.

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Risk Management

Many in the investment industry tend to define risk in nebulous and confusing terms, full of Greek letters and complicated mathematical equations. At Strubel Investment Management we define risk in terms of the chance of permanent loss of investors’ capital, and we diligently monitor investments by examining financial statements and other documents. But above all we seek to pay low prices for every investment we make.

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