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We manage investment account portfolios in separate accounts for individuals and businesses. We believe that wealth management is personal process that is unique to each client. We take each client’s special circumstances into account before constructing a portfolio for the client. For instance a client that already has exposure to the real estate market through numerous rental properties might want a lower allocation to real estate stocks or a religious client may want to avoid investing in “sin stocks” such as tobacco companies and defense contractors.

Although each client’s investment needs are unique we put together an overview of some of the portfolios we typically use. You can click the logos below to learn more about each portfolio.

For many of these clients we use what we call a Spoke Fund®. These can be thought of as mutual funds that are individually tailored to each client. Each client’s funds are maintained in a separate account in their name at FOLIOfn. The account is then linked to one of our model portfolios. Whenever a change is made in the model portfolio it is made in any client account that is linked to it. The minimum investment is $10,000 but we usually recommend $20,000 to reduce the affect of fees on returns. The total fees charged are .25%(minimum $200) by FOLIOfn and 1% by Strubel Investment Management, LLC for a total fee of a very competitive 1.25% annually (this fee also covers all financial planning services). The average mutual fund charges over 1.5% annually!

  • More information about the advantages of investing a Spoke Fund® over mutual funds can be found here.
  • Information about our two funds can be found here (coming soon)
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More information about Spoke Funds® can be found at http://www.spokefunds.com More information on FOLIOfn can be found at http://www.folioinstitutional.com

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