Financial Planning

We provide comprehensive financial planning advice to all of our investment management clients as part of their annual fee. However, we realize that not all clients are at a life stage where they have investable assets. For those potential clients just looking for advice we provide financial planning services on an hourly basis.

For us their is no typical engagement. Each client is different with a different set of life circumstances and a different set of needs. We provide advice and analysis on a wide variety of financial planning topics, from credit scores and credit cards to budgeting to retirement. If it’s a question we can’t answer (such as Estate Law) or a product we don’t sell (such as insurance) we are happy to refer you to a trusted expert who can help.

Because each client and situation is unique we work on a per “project” basis and will provide a written quote for the engagement prior to any work. Give us a call at 717-293-1170 or email us at and let us help you unravel some of the mysteries of the financial world.


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    Plan for your future. Our personal attention, sound advice, and disciplined strategy can help protect and grow your family's assets. Ready to stop worrying? Contact us today.

    E-mail us at or call us at 717-293-1170.

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