Portfolio Management

We manage investment account portfolios in separate accounts for individuals and businesses. For many of these clients we use what we call Spoke Funds®. These can be thought of as mutual funds that are individually tailored to each client. Each client’s funds are maintained in a separate account in their name at FOLIOfn. The account is then linked to one of our model portfolios. Whenever a change is made in the model portfolio it is made in any client account that is linked to it.

We use a proven investment strategy based on the teachings of Ben Graham, Philip Fisher, Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Joel Greenblatt, and David F. Swensen. These are some of the world’s greatest investors. Doesn’t it make sense to follow in their footsteps? Depending on the client’s goals and risk and volatility tolerance, we offer portfolios made up of low cost index funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and bonds.

Our Process


Standard Portfolios: 1%* of Assets under Management
Fixed-Income Only Portfolio: .4%* of Assets under Management

*We do not offer any break points based on the amount of assets you have under management. We believe that we offer exceptional service that is well worth the price we charge and believe that everyone is equally entitled to our services regardless of the size of their account.

Account Minimums

We do not have any set limits or account minimums. Our main criterion is that clients must share the same values we do. We are focused on long-term results, not beating a quarterly benchmark. We are not the best advisor for clients who are interested in get-rich-quick investments or short-term trading. We are the best advisor for clients looking for a sound fundamental investment strategy oriented towards producing long-term wealth.

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