Portfolio Reviews

“Investment is most intelligent when it is most businesslike.”
-Ben Graham

Fees and Expenses

Is your portfolio full of expensive products that make more in commissions for the salesperson than they make money for you?

Asset Allocation

Is your portfolio properly diversified to match your volatility and risk tolerances as well as your investment objectives? Is your portfolio truly diversified among asset classes that have low correlation with one another or just diversified between funds or products that have different sounding names but may behave similarly?

Security Selection

What kind of securities are you invested in? Sound companies or another Enron? Speculative businesses or solid performers?

Tax Efficiency

Are your investments making money for you or the IRS?

Your Financial Picture

Does your advisor take into account other assets like vacation homes, rental properties, or business ownership when formulating your strategy, or does your advisor ignore assets you do not have invested with them?

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